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Aggregate Calculator

This guide serves as a practical "rule of thumb" calculator designed to help users effectively plan for the precise quantity of materials needed (aggregates, dirt, and mulch) for their project.

Important Note: It is advisable to include an additional 5% to 10% to all calculated quantities to account for potential breakage, spillage, and margin of error. Please be aware that Imperial Products Supply, Inc. cannot warrant the accuracy of any estimates derived from the information presented in this guide and bears no liability for its application.

Masonry Calculator

This calculator is intended for individuals with estimating experience and a solid grasp of how to determine the total square footage of masonry for their projects. To calculate the square footage, simply multiply the length (L) by the width (W) of the surface. In certain cases, it may be necessary to calculate (L x W) for each wall section and then add up these values to obtain the total square footage.

It's important to note that this calculator is designed specifically for estimating single-face, full-size stone veneer on vertical walls.


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