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Project Calculator

Project Calculator
Project calculator intended to assist users in planning for the correct amount of materials required on masonry projects.

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Imperial Products Supply, Inc. is your source for manufacturing and wholesaling real thin stone veneer, aggregates, and brick products. While we proudly serve the greater Austin area in Texas, our reach extends nationwide. Whether you need your order delivered from the California coast to the Florida coast or anywhere in-between, we have you covered. Our team of experts is well-equipped to streamline your purchase, ensuring it's both efficient and cost-effective.

Austin limestone offers a captivating array of colors, with a primary interior base ranging from white to cream. These delightful variations in color and texture are a result of the unique veining patterns found within the limestone layers. Quarried from large, interconnected ledges, each source contributes to the wide spectrum of hues available, ensuring you have an abundance of choices to match your project's aesthetic.

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    Guidelines for Masonry Estimating:

    This guide is a "rule of thumb" calculator intended to assist users in planning for the correct amount of materials required on masonry projects. It is presented in table format below.

    NOTE: Approximately 5% to 10% should be added to all quantities for breakage, spillage and errors.

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  • Masonry Calculator

    Our natural thin stone veneer starts by taking dimensional building stone, 3" to 5" thick, and using a special diamond-bladed saws to cut off the bulkiness and leave the outside faces. This same process is done to make thin stone veneers corners, which allows them to look like full bed depth dimensional stone on the edge of walls.

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Our Mission
At Imperial Products Supply, our mission is to be your trusted partner in the world of construction and landscaping. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality materials, exceptional service, and sustainable solutions. Our aim is to empower builders, homeowners, and design enthusiasts with a diverse range of premium products that transform visions into reality. We strive to provide excellence, foster creativity, and contribute to a better, more beautiful future through every project we touch. Join us in the journey to build and create with purpose and passion.