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The Frazier Lighthouse

Imperial Products Supply takes immense pride in its pivotal role in constructing the United States' tallest all-stone lighthouse, standing at an impressive height of 142 feet. This magnificent lighthouse, located at The Lighthouse Pointe apartments in Corpus Christi, Texas, holds a distinctive honor as the tallest in the state of Texas and the tallest built from stone in the western hemisphere. As the trusted source for top-quality construction supplies and materials, we played a crucial part in bringing this monumental and historically significant project to life, providing 2,000 tons of stone. Additionally, our commitment to excellence extended to supplying the stone for the Lighthouse Pointe apartments, contributing to the stunning architectural marvel of the complex with 160 apartments. Imperial Products Supply is honored to have played a significant role in these remarkable achievements.
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The Frazier Lighthouse
Monumental Stone Lighthouse
Made with a substantial 2000 tons of stone
The Frazier Lighthouse
Tallest Lighthouse in Texas
Standing at an amazing feat of 142 ft, it's also the tallest stone lighthouse in the western hemisphere
The Frazier Lighthouse
The Lighthouse Pointe
We also provided the stone and masonry supplies for the 160 unit apartment complex
The Frazier Lighthouse
Located in Corpus Christi TX
A “landmark” for the city of Corpus Christi, as the lighthouse has no navigation purpose
The Frazier Lighthouse
A Natural Stone Monument
It’s the last all stone-lighthouse built in the last 200 years
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